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Virtual Domain-driven design

Jan 3, 2023

As the relational complexity of software increases, we need, more than ever, smart architecture. Domain-aligned, team-decoupling, cohesiveness-driving, constantly evolving architecture has a massive positive impact. To design systems, we need to evolve the role of “architect” away from the dualistic most-experienced implementor vs ivory tower strategist. 

Architecture is a technology-agnostic skillset. You practice it regardless of which tools or programming language you work with. Architecture practice is a solitary, intra-group, and inter-group activity. We practice it within the human system, when we collaboratively design patterns and relationships, empower decision making and construct cross-functional feedback loops.
In this talk, we explore:

* “What is an architectural decision?” (The answers might surprise you). 
* How do we work effectively individually, intra-team, and inter-team to make them?
* What is the “advice process” and what has it taught us?