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Virtual Domain-driven design

Aug 30, 2019

In this next virtual DDD meetup, João Rosa and Krisztina Hirth will discuss with us how impact mapping helps to find the possible solutions to achieve a measurable goal before you even know what to visualize. Also, how can you then combine it with other visualisation tools like EventStorming to guide your strategic design?

In our industry, we have been assisting in digital transformations; the digital transformations have different labels, DevOps, Agile, Cloud, amongst others. However, most of these transformations just following a script, applying the same recipe everywhere. This approach has its merits, but also its pitfalls.

To balance the change, visualisation techniques can be applied, aiding people, teams and organisations to manage the change and guide strategic design.

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Notes from the speakers:
Good metrics are very important. What contains a metric:
What to measure ('time to deliver')
How to measure('nr.of days')
What is the current situation ('benchmark')
Minimum acceptable value for the investment ('constraint')
Desired value ('target')

Do not try to define everything but
build - measure - learn
Use the metrics to decide about the next iteration

the bottom line would be: read the book and start with yourself: ask yourself if you deliver a business goal or just some lines of code which could help or not.